• About the Repair Process:


      All Unique Melody products come with a warranty card that covers any repairs within the warranty period that is not caused by user error. Outside of the warranty period, we can still repair your unit but will charge a small repair fee.



      The Repair Process


      If your unit was damaged or lost, follow these steps to place a repair request:


      1.Reach out to your UM dealer;


      2.Send your UM units to our lab for testing and repair;


      3.The repair process will generally take 2-4 weeks. We ask you to be patient during this time;


      4.If your unit is outside the warranty period or was damaged due to user error, we will provide you with a quote for the cost of repair.

    • The Reshell Process:


      Follow these steps to reshell your in-ear monitors


      1.If you are reshelling the unit, be sure to obtain a good ear impression. This is incredibly important;


      2.Fill out the reshell request form with specifics regarding your design;


      3.Print out the reshell request form and send it to us along with your ear impressions and in-ear monitors;


      4.Reshelling will generally take 2-3 months.

Note: When we receive your unit, we will first check to ensure that there aren’t any damages to the earpieces. If we find any issues with them, we will contact you.
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