ME 1

Do you have a custom planar magnetic in-ear monitor in your arsenal yet? Unique Melody’s ME.1 planar magnetic in-ear monitor brings you the sound of planar magnetic drivers in a portable and easy-to-drive earpiece that is topped with an expansive soundstage and a unique sound.


With a slight emphasis on the lower midrange, the upper and lower frequencies are not heavily emphasized but nonetheless remains excellent extension and coherence. With great tonal balance throughout the frequency range, wide soundstage, precise imaging, and great resolution, the ME.1 allows you to carry the unique sound of a planar magnetic driver where ever you go!


Frequency Response Range: 10-40kHz
Sensitivity: 112dB
Impedance: 32ohms (+/- 10%)
Driver Count: Single Full-Range Planar Magnetic Driver
Driver Size: 18mm
Magnet Type: Dual-Sided Hi-Strength Neodymium
Weight: 9.8g Per Side


6N Single-Crystal Copper and Silver Hybrid Cable
Wooden Box Storage Case
Warranty Card
Comply Eartips: S/M/L
Silicone Eartips: S/M/L/XL
Airline Adaptor
3.5 to 6.3mm Adaptor
Cleaning Kit


30 Day Refit Warranty
1 Year Warranty

Other Features

  • Medical-Grade Acrylic

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  • 3D Printing Technology

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  • 2pin.png


  • 1孔.png


  • 1分频.png


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  • 频宽.png


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  • SPL.png


  • 30Days fit

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  • fedex free.png

Recommended Application

  • 1.png Vocalist - Mason v3,Mentor  v3, ME 1

  • 2.png DJ - Mason v3,Mentor  v3, ME 1

  • 3.png Guitarist  - Mason v3,Mentor  v3, ME 1

  • 04.png Enthusiast   - Mason v3,Mentor  v3,ME 1

  • 5.png Drummer  - Mason v3,Mentor  v3 ,ME 1

  • 6.png Bassist - Mason v3 ,Mentor  v3 , ME 1

  • 7.png Keyboardist  - Mason v3 ,Mentor  v3 , ME 1

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