Why should I get a custom in-ear monitor?

1. A custom in-ear monitor ensure the perfect fit and comfort of your monitors while optimizing the listening experience.
2. Not only are the shapes of custom in-ear monitors one-of-a-kind, but you can have them custom-designed so they truly express your own individuality!

Who are custom in-ear monitors designed for? Is it right for me?
  1. 1. For the audio enthusiast that demands the best of the best even while living a mobile lifestyle.

  2. 2. Most stage musicians now use custom in-ear monitors both on stage and in the studio.

How do I clean and maintain my in-ear monitors?

1. Use the included cleaning tool kit
2. Be sure to clean the sound bores regularly
3. After each use, gently wipe down the earpieces
4. Keep your earpieces stored in a dry place

Where do I go to get ear impressions made for my custom in-ear monitors?

Generally, you can get impressions done at professional hearing aid stores or at the otorhinolaryngology (ENT) departments of a hospital.

How do I choose the color or material of my custom in-ear monitor?

With the earpiece designer, you’re able to select the color/material of the faceplate, shell, as well a the canal of your in-ear monitor.

Do you offer reshell services?

Unfortunately, UM has stopped the service of reshelling earpieces from other brand. However, we do still offer reshell services for your UM in-ear monitors.

Is there anything specific to consider when taking an ear impression?

Be sure that the impression goes beyond the second bend of the ear and that there are no gaps or air bubbles on the impression.

What is a custom in-ear monitor?

A custom in-ear monitor is the ultimate combination of comfort and sound quality. By creating an earpiece that is molded specifically to your ears, you’re able to attain the optimal comfort, isolation, and sound from your earpieces.  

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