Sound is transmitted to our inner ear not only through vibrations of air molecules traveling through the ear canal, but also through vibrations within our head that reaches the inner ear. It is the simultaneous sensation of both of these signal paths that bring forth the perception of the sound scape that we hear.

          The bone conduction component of our hybrid design is in direct contact with the surface of the user’s ear canal, sending vibrations through the user’s head and restoring this lost signal path. Custom shells made to mold perfectly with an individual’s ears also have the advantage of being much more efficient than universal shells in enhancing this signal path.

  We’ve gone through great lengths to make sure that the signal from bone conduction and air conduction technologies are in phase with one another to ensure consistent tonality and a natural response. Thanks to the unique union of these two technologies, we’ve created a product that imitates how sound is naturally meant to be heard and allows for a more accurate perception of instrument tonality and position than traditional driver designs.

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