3D-FIT Technology                        

  A perfect custom earpiece not only requires the ultimate sound, but also the perfect fit. Traditionally hand-crafted shells will inevitably lose some of the finer details during the building process, leading to a loss of accuracy in the fit of the shell. To avoid those losses in detail, we introduced the 3D printing technology into our process.


  We take a highly accurate digital scan of your ear impressions or a direct scan of your ear canals, then load the special graphics file into an editing software to digitally modify the impressions of your ears. This process guarantees a highly accurate mold that will ultimately translate to a custom earpiece that fits your ears better.

Ear Impressions Scan

The scanner scans the pre-processed ear impressions that you send to us.

Image Editing

The scan is the processed and modified through a special editing software.

3D Printing

Using a high-precision 3D printer, the modified image is then printed into a shell using medical-grade acrylic.

Finished Product

Each earpiece is hand-assembled and checked for quality at every step of the manufacturing process.

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